Northern Ireland

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Embrace the spirit of Northern Irish Whiskey

Northern Ireland is a land built by a giant spirit.

A giant spirit that builds cities, shapes landscapes and flows through words, music and craft. You’ll always find it close to hand, much like every discovery in this vivid, mythic place.

How better to embrace’s Northern Ireland giant spirit and to awaken yours than discovering the spirit of Northern Irish Whiskey.

From the world’s oldest licensed distillery to newer, craft producers you can experience the depth and diversity of Irish Whiskey category.

From the breath-taking Causeway Coast to the tranquil and unspoilt Ards Penninsula and back across the idyllic countryside of County Down, our distilleries and the locales provide the stunning backdrop to a journey of discovery where you can learn all about the making of Irish Whiskey and savour the finished product.

Take a day trip from Belfast or plan a tour of all four.

The Old Bushmills Distillery
For over 400 years, The Old Bushmills Distillery has carried on an ancient whiskey tradition. Generations have passed down a handcrafted art, triple-distilling their “smooth and mellow” whiskeys. Visit the distillery, just a few miles from Ireland’s rugged north coast, and see how they continue to triple-distil 100% malted barley in copper pot stills to make a pure malt whiskey. Read more.

The Echlinville Distillery
Enjoy a real insight into the workings of Northern Ireland’s first newly licensed distillery for over 125 years and home to Dunville’s Irish Whiskey. Follow the journey of the spirit from ground to glass. Hear about their commitment to provenance and how they sow, grow, harvest and floor malt all their own barley on their distillery farm. Read more.

Rademon Estate Distillery
Rademon Estate Distillery is home to Shortcross Gin and a new single malt Irish Whiskey. Rademon Estate is currently made up of over 500 acres of land and dates to AD565 with the original estate house dating back to 1667. The estate is steeped in history from Rademon House itself, through to the original courtyard, cottages, workers bell and the imposing obelisk. Read more.

The Hinch Distillery
Visitors to Hinch Distillery have the fabulous opportunity to see behind the scenes of distilling operations. From the earliest design stage of the distillery build everything has been designed not only to produce world-class whiskey & but to allow visitors an unprecedented up-close view of the whole process. Read more.

Titanic Distillers
Walk in the footsteps of the dockworkers and explore the site where Titanic last rested on dry ground before her maiden voyage. Visitors to Thompson Dock and Pump house will clock in, see the workings of our distillery, and hear the story of Belfast’s whiskey tradition; why it disappeared and how it has returned to the home of Titanic Distillers. Read more.

A state-of-the-art distillery in the heart of North Belfast, housed within a restored listed building. Offering guided tours that uncover the unique history of an iconic Belfast brand, McConnell’s Irish Whisky, you’ll hear the stories of Belfast’s illustrious distilling past in a landmark setting. Read more.